Safes secure the property

Safes are now an indispensable component in every family's space. Use fire-proof safes to ensure the safety of your property as well as provide high-end amenities.Nowadays, ket is produced with high quality materials. The factory of high-class safes is a prestigious unit in the field of production and supply in Vietnam. At present, the factory produces high quality safes with many famous brands such as: BEMC, Hotel Safe, BDI, Welko ... The genuine product line is many customers believe. to use.

Why safes safe for property

Safes are equipped with secure code system with high technology. For example, electronic safes use advanced electronic key systems. Fingerprint safes equipped with biometric fingerprint system to unlock. Modern encryption systems help ensure product safety and convenience for users. 

  • The structure of the product is extremely durable: Normally, the safes will be structured with the following components: a cast steel body, surface painted with electrostatic paint, and durable and beautifully painted. Locking products are usually provided on the outside of the tank for easy use. Inside the body is equipped with key lock and safety pins are made with super-strength steel material. These safety locks ensure that the tank is sealed when locked.
  • With fire-proof safes, it is stored inside the tank and the firehouse is fireproof. These compounds ensure that the temperature does not affect the inside of the body.
  • The structure of the safe box is usually evaluated by means of the body, the technology to make safes. The product lines that are punched through the industrial machine are generally much better quality than the product line is cut sheet and heat welding.
  • Family safe products are now equipped with advanced safety features. This is a secure option for property at affordable prices.

The Why reason you should buy a family safe? When you own a family safe in your home, you will have complete peace of mind in keeping your property. Because genuine safes are made of high quality materials, they are resistant to all forms of tampering. Only the user knows the password of the safe as well as the extra key to open it. So, no thief can take away your possessions. Especially, with security products installed with alarm system, when there is a thief in the house and try to unlock or unlock, the bell will automatically ring for the owner to know how to handle in time. Plus, Safes keeping your documents or money in the safe, keeps them organized neatly and neatly, and you can easily find them when needed. Especially not to be confused or tampered with other items, no termites, cockroaches attack, damage the valuable assets in your family. Or, in the unfortunate event of a fire, if there are no safes, important papers and money will be at risk of being burned. However, owning a safe you will be completely safe, because it has the ability to withstand a strong heat temperature of more than 1000 degrees C within 2 hours. It is always considered a hero in any family. Factory manufactures and supplies reputable safes on the market.